VIVANESS 2022: natural and organic cosmetics are a fundamental part of a sustainable lifestyle

From 15 to 18 February 2022, the waiting will finally be over, when the combined BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2022 trade fair opens its door to trade visitors at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. Following the online edition in 2021 due to the pandemic, it is back as a live and on-site event with the extra benefits of digital features.

VIVANESS 2022 is the place for the natural and organic cosmetics for gathering

The transformation of the international cosmetics market is in full swing. The pandemic era and the further escalation of the climate crisis have had a strong impact on the cosmetics industry, retail and consumers. As a result of this development, the cosmetics industry is addressing issues such as a redefinition of sustainability, an increased focus on supply chains, more digitalization, and altered patterns of consumption. In this context, guidance is required. And VIVANESS 2022 is the place to get it, because the international trade fair offers answers at first hand, as well as a platform for presenting industry data and reflecting current trends, a showcase for new products and gathering place for the international beauty community.

Natural and organic cosmetics as growth driver

Many people have become reflective due to the current crises and are striving to live a more conscious life. Across all segments of society, there is a realization that a sustainable, resource-conserving healthy lifestyle doesn’t just mean happiness and satisfaction in the present but also fulfils the desire to leave a better future for the next generation.


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